About the Conference

Department of Legal History (Faculty of Law, Trnava University in Trnava) kindly invites you to the international scientific conference The Metamorphosis of Inheritance Law and Eschatology.
The objective is to discuss humans – social beings who enter into legal relations during their lives and are, eventually, mortal. However, what survives are their assets. Different points of the disputants´ views on these topics are welcomed, naturally, with a focus on law and history.
Law has always engaged with the issue of death, and so has the society through its culture. Legal norms have provided both extensive and restrictive measures to dispose of the property in case of death. Testate succession (acts mortis causa) and intestate succession have enabled satisfactory disposal of assets in the case of death.
How was the legal succession regulated in history? What were the measures and outcomes? How did people cope with the sociological succession? These questions, and even more, will be answered in a fruitful scientific conference discussion.
The organisers will be happy to welcome lawyers who will discuss the metamorphosis of inheritance law and historians who will see this cardinal issue in human lives in a broader perspective.